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Career Compass Coaching

A coaching game that will help you dig deep into your core values. The game is developed by Life Architechture Coach ( After years of life and career coaching, it is found that it is our "CORE VALUES" that drive us to where we are in our career. By knowing and embracing your core values you can direct your life into the right career moments.  

I choose to incorporate Career Compass in my service because of the emotional and intuitive aspects of the game. Being in a meaningful job, a job that's spiritually rewarding, means so much to me, and of course to you. Career Compass Coaching gives you more than just an answer to what career you should take or whether or not you should leave your job. It talks about your feelings and inpires you to do more of what makes you happy. The right to place to be is already in your heart and this game will help you find out. 


Career Compass

is based on


When you are happy at work, your life is basicly happy. To get to know yourself, leave logics behind. Your feelings can validate whether or not you are in the right place. 


Our values are our drive. We look for a job that matches what we think is good and right. When you are in an environment that answers to your core values, you can realize your potentials to the maximum. 


Intuition is the voice inside you that comes from your true self. Many times, we ingore our intuitive voice just to please others. This game will help you listen to what you really want. 

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Career Compass

is a tool to help you find direction in your career growth. It will answer to these questions;

"What do I want?"

"Where am I in my career?"

"What more can I do?"

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The process of self discovery involves both feelings and intuition. Deep inside we know what makes us happy and we know who we are meant to be. Knowing and following your 'values' will get you closer to your true self. And once you know what you really want, you cannot get lost. 


Career Compass Oracle Cards are designed specially to unlock your feelings  and expand your mind to the realm of possibilities. The cards set is my favorite and has rendered many coachees to tears.

Feedback from 160 coachees of Career Compass show that  

33%      Have better insight of what they want in their career

25%      Gain confidence in their next steps

21%      Discover new possibilities in their career path

20%      Have a clear vision of what they want to acheive


Coaching timing : 1 hour 30 minutes

Fees :                      2,000 THB

* Box set will be provided by your coach.

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