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Our wellbeing is dependent on a harmony of  body, emotion, mind and spirit. Our life’s journey is a roller coaster of events and emotions while our soul’s journey is to become one and whole. Many chronic ailments are rooted in unleased feelings and negative thought forms. Understanding the conditions of your chakras is to recognize parts of you that need love and compassion be it a crying child, an intimidated teen or a powerless adult. My session enables you to get in touch with those parts and observe your layers of emotions.


Why Reiki? Reiki is a life force that cuts through time and physical boundary(means for example, even though your ovary is removed, a sacral chakra remains intact.). It unleashes blockages many times we forget exist or  stories buried in our subconscious mind. This gentle life force  repairs the imbalance of chakras, making you feel light and uplifted. Most of all Reiki is love, a high frequency emotion that fills holes in everybody’s heart.

Distant reiki works as wonderfully as one-on-one session as reiki energy cuts through time and space. It allows you to receive it a comfort of your home. It's good for occasions like prepping yourself for exams, meetings, physical operations or long distant travelling. Please contact me to make an appointment.


Become a Healer

Learn how to use energy healing to uplift your life and many others. Be the light. 

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