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Rathakarn (Ter)

My name is Rathakarn Haruenkit (Ter). I had lived a corporate life with international companies for 10 years, quitted job to be a full-time mom and freelance and finally found a new chapter of life in healing. I started off with Reiki, a healing technique I used to heal myself to find my way back to self love and courage. Reiki helps me to understand the inseperable connection of body and mind and the importance of maintaining good frequency.  Sound healing came to me in an intuitive way. I was introduced to Himalayan Singing Bowls practice initiated by Master Santa Ratna Shakya from Nepal and my life and career have miraculously changed. Sound healing has expanded my work and enabled me to touch many hearts.  From years of healing, love and compassion are keys to heal wounds and pain. And that’s where I lay the foundation of my healing practice.

Himalayan Full Moon Singing Bowls

Forged only under a full moon night, Full Moon Himalayan Singing Bowls provide long sustaining harmonic sound and vibration, which are ideal to sound therapy. The bowls represent a century old Nepali craftmanship which has been passed on to the generation of master Santa Ratna Shakya. Seven pure top grade metals  are used to make the alloy and the bowls are specially tuned to represent seven chakras. Makers of the full moon bowls wear white costume and chant mantras before starting the production process. This makes Full Moon Himalayan Singing Bowls an effective healing tool for our body and mind.

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