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“Sound” and “Sound Vibrations” are an effective and accurate tool to locate blockages in energetic bodies. Some of my clients, during sessions, experienced physical responses that they had never had before. All you have to do is to fall deep into the sound and vibrations, allowing the  physical and mental restoration to take place.


Reiki is a gentle healing energy that repairs the imbalance of chakras or energy body. This holistic healing gives you an insight of why, what and how you are feeling. As Reiki is gentle and soothing, you will feel lighter and more energetic physically an mentally. 

Work Desk

Career Compass Coaching helps you direct your worklife to get close to where you want to be. You will understand more of what you want and what are your possibilities. 


Energy Healing is a practice that is life long. Become a healer. You will own tools that will change not only your life but many others'. Currently I am offering Professional Reiki and Sound Healing courses. 

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