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Reiki Courses

Reiki Level 1 : SHODEN

Level 1 is about healing yourself and rediscovering self love. You will receive 4 attunements and learn the theory of energy healing, history of Reiki, chakra system and standard Reiki hand positions. We will focus on identifying blockages and how these blockages effect each energy body. You will be encouraged to heal yourself regularly and heal your loved ones.

Fees : 9500 THB

Reiki Level 2 : OKUDEN

Level 2 expands your capacity to channel life force energy. You will learn more techniques to help you discuss the blockages and expel negative energy. At this level, you will learn 3 Reiki symbols and can send distant Reiki. At level 2, you will gain more confidence as a healer as your sensitivity is sharpened, so is your intuition. A lot of practice is very important as it prepares you to become a professional Reiki healer at level 3, Reiki master.


Fees : 12,000 THB


To be a Reiki Master is to master your life. You will have learned necessary tools to heal and to guide people to find their lights. Level 3 will focus on what kind of healer you want to be professionally. You will also learn more healing techniques so you can master even more challenging energy blockages.


Fees : 22,000 THB

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