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Sound Healing Courses

Being a sound healer could be your life long career. And at some points of your life, you will not feel like it is a job anymore. Sound healing will become part of you. Your instruments will communicate to you as you become one with them. Sound and vibrations will open doors to many possibilities ; healing, friendship and love. Currently I offer 2 types of sound healing courses. The first one is Professional level which is divided into 2 levels and the second is an introductory workshop on sound healing. 


Professional Sound Healing &  Himalayan Singing Bowls Level 1

At professional level, we focus on healing  physical pain, clearing blockages and balancing chakras. We use seven bowls, representing 7 chakras as professional sound healer. Level 1 includes theory of sound healing and vibrations, history of singing bowls, healing pyshical problems like back pain, headache etc., crystal clearing and space clearing. Most importantly you'll learn chakra balancing techniques and protocols as taught by teachers from Nepal, plus my own healing techniques as an energy healer that enable to you to professionally organize private sound healing session.

Duration : 2 day course

Fees : 18,000 THB


Professional Sound Healing Level 2 : Integral Sound Healing

At level 2, you will learn how to integrate other sound healing instruments like gongs or crystal bowls into your sound healing session. Also, this level you will be able to perform a soundbath using verious instruments to big or small groups of people. 

Duration : 1 Day

Fees : 9,000 THB

crystal bowls ter.jpeg

Professional Sound Healing 

Forst and Alchemy Crystal Bowls

There's a magic embedded in each crystal bowl. The art of playing bowls in harmony will result an elevation and expansion of the the mind. In my course, you will have a privilege to learn 2 types of crystal bowls ; forst bowls and alchemy bowls. They are different and offer unique sound experience. Apart healing physical and emotional bodies, crystal bowls are excellent tools for meditation and channeling. Take this course and let the bowls lift you up. 


Duration : 2 day course 

Fees : 18,000 THB

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