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The Power of  Sound & Vibrations

First is the ‘Sound’. Himalayan Singing Bowls possess rich tonal characteristics  of creating harmonic sound texture also called the overtones (Singing Bowl : A Nepali Instrument for Tuning the Mind Healing the Body by Salil Subedi). Just by listening to the singing bowls’ sound alone is enough to relax your mind.


In addition to the serene sound,  singing bowls have been known for therapeutic use.  A deep vibration is transported to cellular level while stimulating blood vessel, lymph, nerves, and muscles. The tensed parts of our body are relaxed. Some may refer to it as ‘sound massage’. When body and mind have regained balance then the healing process naturally resumes.  Sound healing is also recognized for its psychological effect. This is the reason singing bowls are widely used in meditation.  The different tones of the bowls block external disturbances, relax brain wave and send you to a ‘deep sleep’ state while some emotional and mental blockages will come up to heal.

On line sound healing is available during the current pandemic. The goal is to relief stress and help you have a good night sleep. It's an one hour session which consists of  sound healing, meditation and discussion. Please contact me for more details. 


Become a Sound Healer

Advance your healing by using sound and vibrations. Learn this powerful method of healing that has touched hearts and souls of people around the world.

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